The comeback?

I keep forgetting that there was a blog option here. I've been busy. So forgive me. Anyways, I'm probably not going to link or give anyone notice on this cause yknow this is kinda like a public diary in a way. So if you care enough to actively click on this page of my website, you're pretty cool. Yeah. You. The one reading this. I see you smiling. Give yourself a clap. 

Just joking. 

A little update on me. I was a little busy with school and work but I'm finally getting serious with this. Not that I wasn't serious before but now since I'm getting more and more clients, I thought it was finally time to start going all out. My work has always been mediocre in my eyes but an increasingly amount of people seem to think it's really good and that brings a little fire into my heart. It's a great feeling. Thanks fams. 

Hmm. What else? I'm not sure. 

I'll try to update once a week. Try. Really hard.